What is the price of a Babylock Crescendo? (Will It Be Worth It?) Update 05/2022

Sewing machine prices appear to be increasing year after year. Sewing machines are becoming increasingly complex, which is why prices are rising. The higher the price, the better the machine.

What is the price of a Babylock Crescendo? This gadget appears to be so expensive that the maker will not allow anyone to display it on their websites. The pricing must be requested by email, because the Babylock website does not provide a price. What we can tell you is that this top machine cost between $3200 and $4300 five years ago.

Continue reading to find out if the Babylock Crescendo is worth the astronomically high price. It gathers data and shows it to you so you can decide whether or not to invest the money to improve your sewing time.

Babylock Crescendo Price


If you want to discover how much a Babylock Crescendo sewing machine costs, you must uncover a terrible secret. That is, if you want to know the price for this year. So far, the best we’ve learned is that this sewing machine costs around $5000 in 2018.

We looked on Amazon, but there were no models available for purchase. We also looked at a number of sewing websites, including sewing forums, and all of the pricing we found were outdated.

This is unsurprising, as manufacturers do not want to deter potential customers from purchasing. According to the specifications, the price is highly reflective of what you will receive when you acquire this top sewing machine.

Also keep in mind that the prices of these devices will vary depending on the retailer. When you chat to several retailers, you might not obtain a consistent quote.

What Feet Come With Babylock Crescendo

If you are not superstitious and numbers do not worry you, you will be pleased to learn that the Babylock Crescendo comes with 13 distinct feet. The list of all the feet you’ll get is as follows:

Foot 1. Digital Dual-Feed System
2. Quilting foot with a guidance of 1/4″
​3. Buttonhole
4. Excessive casting
​5. Monogramming
​6. Zipper
​7. Zigzag
8. Stitch blind
10. Free-motion quilting 9. Button fitting
11. Open toe free-motion quilting 12. Free-motion echo quilting
13. Foot for straight stitch

That’s an astounding list of extras that make using this sophisticated but unique sewing machine a lot easier. One of the reasons you’ll pay high bucks for this quilting machine is the number of feet it has.

What Size Bobbin for Babylock Crescendo


The Babylock crescendo bobbin size does not appear to be as mysterious as the pricing. This machine requires a class 15 size. There are some unique characteristics that come with this bobbin.

First, specific markings on the bobbin cover allow you to position your needle exactly where you want it. The needle plate has a scale in both inches and centimeters, as well as a quick set bobbin winder.

If you undertake a lot of complex sewing and quilting projects, this Babylock sewing and quilting machine has all the bells and whistles.

How much does the Babylock crescendo weigh?

Another piece of information that is easily accessible is this. This machine’s total weight is only 34 pounds, give or take a tenth of a pound. It is not a light machine, but neither is it particularly hefty.

Babylock Crescendo Reviews


You should study reviews before beginning your search for a new sewing and quilting machine. The retailer is one of the places you don’t go to find out how good the machine is or how to utilize it.

They often have little knowledge of the machine because they never utilize it. Their duty is to sell the machine, and they may come out as cold and uncaring in doing so.

Don’t allow this fact deter you from purchasing the Babylock Crescendo sewing machine. To acquire your pros and disadvantages, you’ll need to find folks who have used the equipment.

When the Babylock Crescendo was released in 2012, we checked what may have been the very first review of one. Even though the dealer had not received the promotional materials, this reviewer could not speak highly enough of the Crescendo. It was a glowing recommendation that has been repeated over the years.

Approx 2020 reviews have also been excellent, with some expressing surprise that the sewing machine has been given great features and parts. The only criticism the reviewer had was that the machine was both hefty and pricey.

A third satisfied customer praised the stadium light and the stitching space provided by this machine. Those were the selling aspects that convinced me to get this excellent computer.

The Babylock crescendo was described as a beast by one reviewer, yet it sewed like a dream by another. In other words, while they didn’t like the weight or the design, they were very pleased with the performance and outcomes.

Apart from the weight and price, any problems we noticed were minor flaws that could easily be resolved. Another problem to raise with the manufacturer is the possibility of not receiving dealer support.

You can’t go wrong with a Babylock Crescendo, in our opinion, if you want all the bells and whistles to make stitching a lot easier. It offers the features and a huge, easy-to-read touchscreen.

Because every sewing machine is different and your experience may not be as positive as others’, it will be up to your particular preference. The price is the most important factor to consider, and it does not appear to be decreasing anytime soon.

Baby Lock Crescendo vs Brother Dreamweaver


The Brother Dreamweaver is not the top of the line Brother sewing machine, which is one of its disadvantages. That means it’s an amazing machine that can compete with the Babylock Crescendo.

The Crescendo is Babylock’s answer to the Dreamweaver, and both machines are identical. The primary difference between the two is the price, as you could have guessed. The Dreamweaver is significantly less expensive than the crescendo.

Brother has created a series of Dreamweaver sewing and quilting machines, with the functions divided among them. The XE VM6200 appears to be the most similar model to the crescendo, and it even has the same laser light.

Both have a lot of useful features and a huge touch screen, so you won’t be missing out if you choose one over the other.

Babylock Crescendo vs Aria


Again, there won’t be much of a difference between the two devices. You can’t go back and take away your consumers’ particular tools after spoiling them with top-of-the-line products and a plethora of features.

The Aria is the less expensive of the two devices since it lacks the needle guiding beam and the laser sensor pen. Both of these features are included with the Crescendo.

Aside from that, buying one over the other gives you the same machine. Both machines sew beautifully, and you have all of the bells and whistles to assist you with difficult stitching.

Which machine you choose will be determined by your sewing tasks, preferences, and if you want to spend the extra money on the Aria’s two additional capabilities.

Babylock Crescendo vs Janome 9400


The Janome 9400’s noisy motor was one of its flaws in this competition. You might grow tired of sewing for hours with that loud motor in your ears. Another distinction is that the Crescendo appears to be better at handling thicker textiles than the 9400.

Additionally, the Crescendo has fewer tension difficulties. Because of this, your sewing endeavor will proceed much more smoothly. It’s also probable that the 9400 will lack a convertible foot.

The Janome 9400 is not a horrible machine because of these flaws. It simply signifies that the crescendo is the superior and most likely preferable model of the two. The Janome may be able to outperform the Crescendo thanks to its specific needle plate and 1/4-inch foot.

It is ultimately up to you to decide which option is best for you. It’s a toss-up between the Janome and the Crescendo because some individuals prefer the Janome. It’s difficult to compare all of the sewing machines because determining which is superior is a highly subjective exercise, and while the 9400 may lack some of the Crescendo’s capabilities, it may be adequate for many sewers.

The important thing to keep in mind here and in subsequent comparisons is to avoid getting a lemon. It happens, and when it does, remember that the issues are model-specific and do not affect the entire series.

Used Babylock Crescendo for Sale


For the past 8 years, the Babylock Crescendo has been available. There should be lots of used models available for purchase at various sewing machine market locations.

One place to search is eBay, but you’ll have to be quick because these are excellent machines that sell quickly, especially if they’re priced appropriately. Because Crescendo is not cheap, buying old is a good idea.

As you can see, a quilting machine will set you back several thousand dollars when new. You may need to conduct a comprehensive local search of your sewing machine dealers to check if they have any used Crescendos in stock.

Trading in old machines is a long-standing tradition, and some people may be willing to trade in theirs for one built by a different brand. What you should be aware of is the price and the quality of the item.

Make sure you ask the dealer about the condition because you don’t want to overpay for anything that will break down in a month or two. When you buy used, the old adage goes, you’re purchasing other people’s issues.

When you acquire a used sewing or quilting machine, you don’t want to spend more money than the purchase price fixing existing problems.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a new Babylock Crescendo sewing and quilting machine is comparable to purchasing a very good used automobile in terms of cost. We’ve already mentioned some outdated prices, and while writing this piece, we stumbled found a $6200 price for a new machine.

Getting a Crescendo is a significant financial investment, but the value you receive may make it worthwhile. All you have to do is look at the features of this sewing machine to convince yourself that you are justified in purchasing it.

To help you read all of the features, here are two links: link #1 and link #2.

After going over those items, you’ll realize why the Babylock crescendo is such a fantastic machine to buy. Should you buy secondhand? Only you can answer that question.

Used Babylock Crescendos are still worth the money; the only question is whether you want to take on other people’s issues.

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