Beautiful and simple Irish chain quilt patterns are available for free Update 05/2022

Finding a quilt pattern can be daunting and difficult for a new quilter.

There are so many beautiful patterns out there, but where should a newbie begin to improve their piecing and cutting skills?

The single Irish chain quilt is my answer.

This pattern includes everything a novice needs to learn the fundamentals of quilting while having fun.

Irish chain quilts have a classic style that is quite appealing.

Let’s look at 15 free patterns that you can use to make your own.

What Does The Irish Chain Quilt Represent?

The Irish chain quilt pattern is still one of the most popular quilt patterns today, but where did it all begin?

I performed a lot of research to find out when and where the first Irish chain quilt was made.

Surprisingly, all I found was that the earliest known Irish chain quilt was produced in 1814, and it wasn’t even in Ireland! It happened in the United States of America. Isn’t it strange? It only gets stranger.

The American chain is a quilt pattern seen in Ireland that looks quite similar to the American chain. What gives?

One notion is that the design is inspired by an Irish weaving pattern, and “chains” are commonly employed in weaving and knitting. Regardless of where the Irish chain pattern originated, we know it has been present for generations and shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

How Do You Make an Irish Chain Quilt?

The single Irish chain quilt pattern has the advantage of simply having two separate blocks. As a result, it’s an excellent starter pattern. To make a single Irish chain quilt, follow these basic instructions.

  • Fabric should be cut. Cut 3 12″ squares for the nine patch blocks and 9 12″ squares for the other blocks to form 9″ blocks.
  • Put the blocks together. To make nine patch blocks, sew the 3 12″ squares together.
  • Sew the rows of blocks together.
  • To make a checkerboard pattern, alternate between the two separate blocks.
  • Sew the rows of fabric together.

Irish Chain Quilt Pattern: 15 Free Patterns You’ll Love

Let’s take a look at some free patterns and tutorials now that we’ve learned more about the Irish chain quilt pattern. Single, double, and triple chain patterns were among the patterns I chose.

1. Super Scrappy Single Irish Quilt Pattern

A terrific technique for producing a fun, easy scrappy single Irish chain quilt may be found here. The example quilt measures 86″ square when done.

2. Easy Jellyroll Irish Chain Tutorial

This tutorial is unique in that it demonstrates how to make the pieces for this lovely quilt using a jellyroll, or two 12″x42″ strips. There are five different sizes to pick from in the directions.

3. Seams and Scissors Triple Irish Chain Pattern

This may appear to be a little difficult for your first quilt. However, if you follow this lesson, you’ll be able to produce a triple Irish chain quilt in no time. Three different sizes are suggested in the directions.

4. Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

Leah Day is a well-known quilter who provides an excellent video explanation on how to produce this double chain design. You can also use the downloadable pattern, which includes directions for making a 50″ square quilt.

5. Simple Single Irish Chain Tutorial

Don’t you like how simple this design is with only two colors for the entire quilt top? This modern Irish chain quilt pattern will show you how to quickly and easily make this quilt top.

6. Loyal Heights Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This example quilt’s color scheme gives the pattern a lovely, soft feel and makes the blocks stand out against the bright white background. The designer has provided directions as well as a downloadable PDF pattern on her site.

7. Fat Quarter Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

The contrast between the pink chains and the black background is incredible. The black background gives the double Irish chain design a contemporary feel. This lesson will show you how to make the fat quarter blocks. The quilt will be 80″x90″ when finished.

8. Christmas Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This quilt is just stunning! This design is also free! This design will show you how to make a 77″ square quilt, but you can simply adjust the size by adding or subtracting blocks. Even for beginners, the designer provides good instructions.

9. Half Pint Single Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

You can select between two sizes for this pattern: 41″ square and 59″x71″. I like how the designer used HSTs (half square triangles) for the border and scrappy binding in this quilt.

10. Single Irish Chain Pattern by Southern Charm

Another fantastic instruction on how to make a scrappy single Irish chain quilt can be found here. A 108″ square quilt is demonstrated in this lesson.

11. Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This tutorial is totally video-based and will walk you through the process of making these lovely double chain blocks. The designer also gives you cloth cutting instructions.

12. Scrappy Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This stunning vintage-inspired patchwork quilt may appear intimidating, but you can make your own 90″x90″ quilt top with this free printable design.

13. Single Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

This pattern will make a 78″x90″ quilt when completed. The use of various hues of green against a creamy background is a lovely nod to the pattern’s “Irish” label.

14. Make it Modern Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

Using only two colors for the whole quilt top gives this quilt design an instantly modern feel.

15. Free Single Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

Here is our final free single Irish chain quilt pattern recommendation. The quilt top will measure 56″x68″ when done, and this pattern includes directions for adding two borders.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post; I hope it has motivated you to start your next quilt project and try one of these lovely patterns.

The Irish chain pattern is a quilting classic that is suitable for both beginners and advanced quilters. It’s incredible how two quilt blocks can become a sophisticated, timeless work of art.

Have fun quilting!

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